When Bus Driver’s Negligence Causes a Crash

Bus Accident California
Bus Driver Negligence Cases

Thousands of bus drivers are severely injured or killed in accidents each year. Because of the weight and large size, a bus often causes catastrophic damage when it flips, crashes into another automobile or an object, or veers off the road. Many people feel sale driving in a bus, but its size does not guarantee that its passengers will not get injured, particularly if the vehicle is involved in an accident or rolls over. If your family member or you have been injured in one bus accident California, then contact an experienced attorney for advice on your legal options and rights.

Many times, bus accidents in LA are caused by the driver’s negligence or error. Whether you are driving a private bus or a public bus operated by the city, the same laws apply to you: bus drivers and parties responsible for the vehicle have a duty to transport their passengers safely. In other words, even the company owning the bus could be liable to pay you compensation for your injuries.

The negligence of a driver can bring about a severe bus accident in many ways, including the following.

  • Making a lane change without looking properly. Changing lanes like this is a common reason for automobile accidents.
  • Going beyond the speed limit in California. Those driving quicker than this limit may be unable to brake in time or adjust to varying traffic conditions to avoid an accident.
  • Driving when under the influence. This is against the law, very dangerous, and could result in a serious bus accident.
  • Talking or texting when driving. Under California’s law, transit, commercial and school bus drivers cannot use a phone or text when they are behind the wheel. If the driver of your company was texting when operating the vehicle, discuss your rights with a personal injury attorney.
  • Distracted driving. Those who take their eyes off the road or hands of the bus wheel is considered to be a distracted driver.
  • Driving when tired. Commercial bus drivers have to get sufficient rest before starting a shift.

The one given above is not an exhaustive list. The operator of your bus may not have fully stopped at a road sign or they may have driven in a different way, which is deemed negligent under the state law. An adept bus accident attorney will look at the facts concerning your injury case with you.

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