What to Know When Dealing with a Bus Accident Injury

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Injury

Bus accidents are something no one ever really expects, but they do happen, even with the vehicles that are deemed completely safe. The fact of the matter is that a long bus is much harder to drive while avoiding a collision. If you have sustained and injury as a result of a bus accident, it is important to be able to pin down who is responsible, as well as the remedies available to you.

Type of Buses

In California, you mainly see Greyhound and Muni buses transporting natives along the roads. Other audiences like tourist, however, get a round in a variety of other buses, which are just as prone to get into accidents. Such collisions could result in injury to passengers, who have the legal right to compensation in case another party was responsible for said injuries.

Responsibility for a Bus Accident

One or more parties can be responsible for a bus accident, and can include the following.

  • School bus operator
  • Bus maintenance company
  • Bus driver’s supervisor
  • Bus manufacturer
  • Bus driver
  • Bus owner
  • Bus parts supplier
  • Tour bus operator
  • State
  • Charter bus operator
  • County
  • City

In most cases, the bus accident owes to the fault of more than one party. In California, a person partially responsible for their own injury is still allowed to recover damages from another responsible party. However, this award would be reduced by a measure proportional to the former’s own fault in the matter.

Proving Another Person’s Fault

It is required that the other party’s fault be clearly proven, failing which no damages can be recovered. It must be proven:

  • That the other person or party owed a duty of care to you;
  • That this person or party breached said duty of care; and,
  • That this breach substantially contributed to your injuries.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

When it comes to bus accidents, there are often multiple aspects and details to consider, and that may not be easy to do while you are recovering from serious injuries. Hiring a bus accident attorney gets you assistance with figuring out who was at fault, as well as the damages you stand to gain from them in a bus accident settlement. A professional lawyer would also be able to help you navigate the relevant vehicle codes, and other related matters.

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