Web Design Trends That you Cannot Ignore This Year

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Web Design Trends

Web design trends are always interesting. Every year, it is especially interesting to see which trends will remain to be so for a short while and which ones carry over to the year after. Experts in the web design space say that we are in some of the more exciting times for it. Part of that is due to the following trends, which you simply cannot ignore in 2019. To know more about the latest trends and technique used by SEO professionals click here.

Animated GIFs

Nowadays, users want to be instantly gratified, and this is in part due to the influence of digital tools and social media. This also applies to those who are searching for something – they want instant returns for what they have searched. This also means the window of time to capture people’s attention, and provide them with what they are looking for, is relatively small. This is where these GIFs really shine. They can convey complex things in a short time period while being entertaining and engaging. GIFs work on most web browsers and devices, which make them accessible to more number of people.

Conventional Bots and Machine Learning

Last year, people talked about the rise of both technologies. We have seen huge developments in AI and in bots’ capabilities. Several businesses are seeing the advantages they can bring to them and these benefits include the following.

  • Greater convenience achieved by giving people instant responses as well as filtering them to appropriate contacts, based upon their issues.
  • Better efficiency achieved by allowing for timesaving and easier transitions between cases.

White Space

In web design, the mindset is becoming “less is more” to a greater degree these days. That means we are seeing sites opting for a layout that has greater amounts of negative space. Also referred to as white space, it is the empty space upon a web page. Using it to separate the sections upon your web pages helps better readability as well as makes it more easy for people to digest essential information.

The Use of an Organic Shape

This refers to any shape that is irregular and uneven. With the unusual appearance, organic shapes grab the attention of a user and add personable touch to a website. When coupled with a photo or illustration, these shapes can add a fine level of depth as well to a site, which breaks up the sheer monotony of the squares and circles we are used to seeing in website design.

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