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Fashion is an industry that is at the forefront of styles and trends using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, to reduce the carbon footprints. From high-end retailers to high-end designers, fashion houses now love clothing materials that are eco-friendly.

Fabrics that are made from the skin of eel, fish, spider silks and vegetables are now hitting the catwalks. You can click here to know more options of sustainable fabrics.

Eel and Fish Leather

Eel and fish leather is mainly designed for replacing leather made from animal skin – one of the top contributors in the clothing industry. Fish skin is mainly thrown away after separating it from the flesh, and for the same reason, it is easy for reusing and reclaiming. Most of the popular labels use it for making clothing, handbags, and furniture.

Reasons to Wear Eel and Fish Leather

Even though the thought of choosing eel and fish skin seem squeamish, it is one of the most insulating, eco-friendly and durable materials which is been widely used in the fashion industry. It can be removed manually, and the leather made out of it avoids the use of harmful chemicals for dyeing.


Pinatex is a leather product that is made from pineapple leaves. The fibers of pineapple leaves are dried and fused to make natural leather.

Pinatex is very much cost-effective and it doesn’t use any toxic chemicals that are used in the production of leather. In addition to this, it is also a vegan choice.


Qmonos is spider silk which is synthetic and it is made by fusing spider silk, microbes, and genes. The silk created this way is extra stronger and is regarded as the toughest fiber, though it is lightweight and flexible. It is also considered as the most durable and versatile material to hit the fashion industry. The manufacturing process of this leather avoids the impracticality and danger of dealing with spiders.

Spider silk has not been yet used by fashion designers as scientists are still on the process of manufacturing spider silk to prove its flexibility. However, it is considered as a fabric of the future.

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