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It is estimated that around 25 million children in the USA travel by school bus on every working day. It was considered as the safest mode of transport for children. However, in light of the school bus crashes that have happened in the past, parents become a little hesitant to send their children by school bus. The major school bus crashes in the past say that even riding on a school bus has its risks. It is important for every parent to know some tips to ensure the safety of their kids on their way to and back from school.

Ensure The Safety Of The School Bus

You need to ensure that if the school is using a proper bus manufactured for the purpose. Some schools might use big passenger vans instead of school buses, to save money. This can be dangerous since the normal vans do not have the safety measures as in the school buses. The school buses are designed in such a way that in case of an accident, the children inside the bus will remain safe.

It is necessary for the school bus drivers to have a commercial driving license or special training to drive them. On the other hand, drivers with any license can drive normal passenger vans. Look for the certification label on your child’s school bus to ensure that it is a real school bus.

Though there are no particular laws imposing seat belts on the school buses, some states including California has passed the legislation for seat belts on school buses.

You need to ensure that the school bus takes in only the number of children on par with its capacity.

Know The Driver

In most of the school bus crashes that have happened in the past, the driver was either over speeding or driving recklessly. It is important to know the driver and his character and if he is found to be irresponsible in his duty, you may report him to the school district.

Educate Your Children About Safety

You need to give proper instructions and information regarding school bus safety to your children. Instruct them on how to keep themselves safe while on the bus. Ask them to report if there is any wrong action from the school bus driver.

Follow Up On The Safety Measures

If your child’s school bus does not have seat belts, you can speak to the school and the school district to ensure the installment of seat belts. You may not get a positive response from the authorities at the end of your first attempt. You need to pursue that continuously because the safety of your child is very important.

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