The Entity you Can Sue if you are Involved in a Bus Accident with a Government Vehicle

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A large number of people depend on buses every day to ply to their work and then back. School children also travel by buses to get to their schools. Buses are generally considered accident free and are trusted by everyone. However, this does not mean they are completely out of danger’s way. There are several bus accidents taking place annually. The downside is that those involved in bus accidents are hurt very bad due to the high momentum of buses. Below is a discussion on those you can sue after you consult a bus accident attorney, in the event of a bus accident.

Rules for Filing a Claim if the Government Owns the Bus

It is common that you may feel doubts regarding whom you might be able to sue in case of a bus accident. Many buses that run on the roads of the state are owned either by a government agency, like a local transit authority, or employed by the government for specific purposes.

It is possible to sue the government if you happen to be involved in a bus accident. You can file charges against its negligence or its employees’ negligence which became the reason for the crash. Note that there are special rules involved in suing the government which will need the help of a lawyer. You will get a short period before you can file a claim. Further, you may have to follow certain procedures to get the benefits of compensations.

Special Laws Involving Buses

Like in any other law involving motorcycle, car, or truck, you will basically have to prove the negligence of the owner or the bus driver and that it caused the accident. This could happen in a few different ways—the bus driver may not have been paying focus, the bus may not have been properly maintained, or the company that hired the driver did not provide adequate training to the driver.

Companies that are involved in providing public transportation are supposed to follow the public transportation common carrier laws. These laws impose a high level of duty over people who function in public transit. This is because there is a high number of people whose lives are in their control. This increases their responsibility. In California, you have to file a form to the government agency in under 6 months of the incident to keep the claim alive. If the form is rejected, you will have more time to file a lawsuit.

Keep the above points in mind in case you met with an accident involving a government-run bus.

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