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In every spring seasons, there would be a number of motorcyclists on the roads rather than in any other times of the year. Moreover, the riders would be keen on getting back to the roads for their trips, which would either be long or short. However, without taking much time we would get to hear dreary updates of fatal collisions on the roads involved with vehicles and motorcycles.

When compared to other motor vehicles, the motorcycles are obviously more prone to accidents. The former acquire a whole lot of space on the roads than that of the latter, as the cars and trucks are definitely larger vehicles. Below discussed are some effective ways to share roads with motorcyclists.

Always Keep Some Distance Away From Motorcycles

Ensure that you are having an extra space behind the motorcycle that is riding in front of you. You may retain a gap of two to three-second gap or a maximum of four from the motorcycle riding near you in the roads. The condition worsens in bad weather, as it would take more time for the motorcycles to halt. Moreover, in the absence of safety features in your vehicles, the riders would have a greater risk of falling down and getting injured. If in case any incidents take place and the riders lose their control, keeping a little more distance with them will get them more space to get back on track.

Be Cautious of the Turn Signal of a Motorcycle

While the motorcycles are turning, they would need to switch on their turn signals manually. However, soon after the purpose, they won’t be able to switch that off instantly or automatically unlike the cars or highly equipped motorcycles. The driving decisions of the motorcycles should never be followed by any cars or any other vehicles on the road. On such situations, before advancing your vehicle you may wait for the motorcyclist to stop or at least change the lanes.

Setting Aside Separate Lanes for Motorcycles

Motorcyclists would be compelled to take some intentional side swerving so as to get rid of hazards such as uneven pavement and potholes. For a safe movement of all these vehicles on the road, the riders need to be provided with enough space or at times, a little more than what a car requires. When sharing the road with motorcycles, the other motorists would be best advised to give more room to the riders. All the while, the latter may not have to maneuver behind another vehicle, demanding more space to move side to side.

By Being Watchful As You Pass

More distance must be provided to the motorcyclists while they are on the roads, they have got no windscreen and not any enclosures for protection. Even a blast of air could create havoc on the roads by potentially knocking down an unsuspecting rider. Therefore, pass across a motorcycle as you do with a car. That movement must not be either too fast or too close.

Make the Motorcyclists Aware Of Your Driving Intentions

Always give a signal of maneuver at the intersections well in advance, in order to avoid a motorcycle accident. So, well before making a turn at an intersection, just acknowledge the riders on the roads. For the same, you may make eye contact initially and decide later on who really has got the right-of-way to move.

Extra Considerations while Night Driving

For numerous factors, the distance of the motorcycle can be misjudged. Moreover, motorcycles only do possess a single headlight and tail light. Wearing a pair of reflective gears cannot be made mandatory. Considering these situations, it is always advised to be extra cautious for the motorcyclists while driving at night. When traveling behind or next to a rider, give more room to them on the roads.

Permit Extra Time for Left Turns

As the motorcycles are of comparatively smaller size, it would be much difficult to notice them from faraway places. Therefore before making a return, another motorist must look to the sides, front and rear. It won’t be even against the laws to put your head out of the window to confirm that your blind spot has not being approached by a motorcycle.

If you are seriously injured after being hit by a truck or a car, you are supposed to pursue a claim and get compensated in a fair manner. For the same, you may seek legal help to solve out these kinds of cases by hiring a motorcycle lawyer.

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