How to Go about Returning a Gemstone Engagement Ring to your Jeweler

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People who no longer require an engagement ring tries to return the piece to the shop for a full refund. Depending on that jeweler’s return policy and the days passed since the ring purchase, this process may be easy. Act as per the following steps to make this transaction as pain-free as possible.

Know the Store’s Return Policy

Before you start the return process, you should be aware of that jewelry store’s policy. You will likely be able to return it provided that you meet their eligibility criteria. Some jewelers have a team of professionals who check the item to confirm whether you are eligible for the return. If you are eligible for it, they may give you a refund or the option to buy a new piece. This may vary depending on what you originally bought from them.

For instance, Beverly Diamonds do not accept resized or damaged rings or the ones altered by another jeweler. If your Beverly Diamond complaints pertain to other matters and you meet their criteria, you may be able to return the product for a refund or exchange.

Consider an Exchange

Several jewelers will consider giving you another product in exchange for it, even when they will not give a refund. Ask about this possibility in the event your fiancée just wants an engagement ring with a different design. If this is all she wants, then you should try exchanging her ring sooner rather than later.

Return It to the Same Store

Some jewelers have stores in many places, and they may take returns provided that you show documentation proving that you bought from that jewelry chain. It may be tempting to go to your nearest store to return it, but visit the one where you bought it. This will help build a relationship with that store’s manager or staff, which will benefit you in future purchases.

Keep All Relevant Documentation

When you make this kind of transaction, you should keep every receipt and exchange or return paperwork. You will need to have these items in the event you find that you have not been refunded or something else goes wrong with this process.

Being Aware of the Return Process Can Help

It is not a pleasant prospect to return any product, let alone an engagement ring. Knowing how to appropriately return it, and which alternatives are available when this is not possible, can help reduce some stress associated with this situation.

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