How to Care for Different Fabric Types?

Clothing Manufacturers

Nowadays, top clothing manufacturers such as Luxury Knit provides many tips and tricks on cleaning and taking care of clothes. According to them, different fabric types should be taken care of in different ways, a few of which are explained below.

Hand Washing and Air Drying for Acetate

Acetate which is a manmade fiber is mostly blended with other fibers for creating clothing that is easy to drape. Acetate and its blends can be cleaned up easily. One of the important things you have to keep in mind is that they can be very sensitive to dye transfer. Therefore, always make sure to check the label and wash the fabrics made out of acetate fibers in cold water.

Acetate is normally a weak fiber and can often get damaged due to wringing, twisting or heating. Always wash acetate blends by hand or, use only the gentle cycle of the washer and that too, only if the garment is suitable for machine wash. You will also have to keep in mind to iron the fabrics that contain acetate using only low heat setting – press on the wrong side using a press cloth to preserve the beauty of the cloth.

Hot Water Wash and Tumble Dry Warm for Cotton

Cotton is a fabric that is chosen all over the world, as versatile clothing. It is a natural fiber and can be found in garments like casual T-shirts. The fibers of cotton would mostly shrink if they are not processed or preshrunk, so it is always important to start with the care label of the cloth.

Preshrunk fabrics made of cotton should be washed in warm or cold water depending on the color of the fabric and the care label recommendations.

Adding chlorine bleach to white clothes helps in removing the stains and you should be very sure that the care labels agree to do so before doing it. Washing these fabrics in cold water helps in protecting the deep color of fabrics such as cotton jeans and also in maintaining the bright color of shirts. Over drying cotton fabrics will result in shrinkage, therefore it is important to dry your clothes at a lower heat and take them off from the dryer when they are fairly cool.

Cool Water Wash and Air Dry for Linen

Linen is a naturally occuring fiber and is obtained from the flax plant. You would have to check the labels on the fabrics made of linen to see whether you can dry clean it. Always wash linen clothes according to the instructions if they are machine washable.

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