Distracted Driving Laws in California

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Distracted Driving Laws

The managing of latest technology is still deemed as a heinous task for the laws and regulations existing in the government. Basically, the authorities have a crucial role to play in this dire situation. There are various negative consequences for the technology, from which the public needs to be protected from any further havoc. One of the major challenges faced by the government is to adopt new laws and regulations regarding driving and texting. Moreover, the following risk factors are seldom ignored by the public.

In accordance with a recent survey done among the Californian drivers, they are of the opinion that the people who were either texting or talking while driving were hit by them in various instances.

What Can be Called as Distracted Driving?

The distracted driving is being clearly defined by the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) of California. They have stated that it is the act of taking your hands off from the steering wheel, by making your mind or eyes off the road when you are distracted by any cell phone use with calls or texting when you are driving.

Laws regarding Distracted Driving

The usage of electronic wireless devices and mobile cell phone among the drivers whether it is school bus drivers or transit drivers were prohibited in the Californian Laws firstly. However, the initial laws were smoothened for limited work-related situations and valid emergency. Such exceptions were permitted to them to use mobile devices in those situations. Meanwhile, young driver below the age of 18 was exempted from this permission. Regardless of the sort of the device that they are using, whether it is a speakerphone, hands-free or Bluetooth, they were still prohibited from using them.

Laws and penalties of the State of California were turned up in 2016 quite lately. No matter what the reason is, holding a mobile cell phone while you are driving was prohibited. Simultaneously, the expansion of the Assembly Bill No. 1785 was done. A mounting device was needed for the functioning of hands-free use, which was acquired by the legal use of the cell phones. Eventually, the safety of drivers and workers on the roads was the prime objective of the expanded law.

In this scenario of utter confusion in the very stand of the government, they had passed on the case to the enforcement. Considering the management on the ways of protecting the workers, if at all you own a company in the State of California must mandatory. Mirroring the state regulations, the framing of internal company policy will turn out to be a positive step. The enforcement of the distracted driving laws by any useful technological means that anyhow lockdown cell phone will soon be implemented.

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