Different Types Of Experts Hired For Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Attorney

In the scenario of a bus accident the parties involved in the accident can hire experts to persuade the jury or the judge while filing a case. Their opinions can give an edge for the bus accident lawyer of one side over the other. Moreover, it is very important to make yourself aware of the bus accident laws. The following are some of the ways using an expert will be helpful to you.

Different Types Of Experts

There are different types of experts who specialise in different fields that can provide bona fide observation and in many cases can give the ruling in your favour. Hence, there are mechanical engineers, biomedical accident reconstruction, biomedical engineers, human factor experts, photogrammetry experts and accident reconstruction experts. So, what will these experts rely upon to arrive at their opinions?

Photogrammetry Experts

They create videos, animation of the scenario or series of photos to simulate the series of events to the jurors supporting the argument of bus accident attorney. Because, this can give a more lucid idea about the series of events that led to the accident. Therefore, these visual simulations even though they are expensive can be very useful.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

These experts use the physical evidence from the scene like skid marks, impact dents or damages on the vehicle, the speed of the bus etc to determine and reconstruct the accident. When required they also add the testimony of witnesses to these evidences to arrive at conclusions. Therefore, they are some of the primary experts that are brought to the scene.

Biomedical Experts

The speciality of their observations is that it helps in understanding the cause rather than the fault. Hence, biomedical and biomedical engineers determine the forces involved in the accident and how it resulted in injuries.

Human Factor Experts

They are one of the lesser known experts, but their analysis helps in determining the fault in a bus accident. This is because their expertise involves psychology and engineering skills. Hence, they can determine how consuming substances affects the behaviour and perception of the driver’s reaction time to danger.

These are some of the experts and in many cases testimony of multiple experts are used to arrive at conclusion for the jurors. However, they cannot give opinions regarding the fault but can only testify about the causative factors, similar to the police. Therefore, hiring experts is important to find unforeseen causative factors of the accident.

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