Different Masks And Its Purpose

Since the coronavirus has spread across the world, the need for prevention has increased. Due to lack of vaccination and cure, the best way to protect ourselves from getting infected is by keeping ourselves clean and also by wearing mask. However there are different types of facemasks available in both online and offline markets. There are also many portals like hdfacemask.com that are exclusively dealing with face masks.

Before buying a face mask the consumer must understand the specific purpose of different masks. Some masks are used to keep hygiene while other is to keep airborne diseases from affecting the body. The following are different conditions and the suitable masks for those situations.

Intense Pollution

Exposing to an environment where the pollution rate is very high may lead to lung problems. Not only for people suffering from lung diseases, but also healthy men and women may get lung infection if they breath in lot of polluted air for a long time. Therefore, it is better to wear a mask in such surroundings. However, normal surgical mask and paper mask may be able to restrict few pollutants but it is not enough. For hazardous conditions, N95 masks are necessary.

Infected Surrounding

If there is any infection or virus or any diseases is spreading in your environment, it is better to cover your face to prevent such condition. The type of mask varies depending on the type of infection. Presently, the coronavirus is spreading across the world. To prevent it from entering the body, it is necessary to use respirators or N95 masks because normal surgical masks are not effective in blocking minute droplets from entering.

Restricting Further Infection

If you are suffering from any condition like cough, cold or flu and if you are afraid that it would spread to others, it is better to wear a mask. If it is normal flu, a surgical mask would only be necessary because it will block large droplets from entering the atmosphere. However, if you are suffering from a viral fever, it is mandatory to use N95 masks because only it can restrict the flow of virus from the body fluids from reaching the surrounding.

It is well known that wearing a mask will prevent from getting infected and also from further spreading of infections. But it is necessary to understand the limitations and benefits of each mask before wearing them.

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