Deadlines and Recovery of Loss in California Bus Accident Lawsuit

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Lawsuit

Bus accidents are a distinct possibility on the roads of California. Unlike other vehicles, buses cause more damage to passengers due to the momentum they carry. Therefore, the process of recovering losses becomes doubly important in such cases. Below are a few basics on the process of filing a lawsuit in the event of a bus accident.

Filing a Bus Accident Lawsuit Against The Driver & Company

Like every vehicle, buses also carry insurance. If the driver of the other vehicle is responsible for the accident, his insurance will cover the losses of your bus. Claiming compensation is often a tedious task, which is why you need a good lawyer to help with it. A competent Los Angeles bus accident attorney would be very specific when litigating with a mind for the maximum compensation that you deserve. Regardless of whether it was a public transit bus wreck or a local school bus crash that you were involved in, the other driver’s insurance company usually offers an insufficient amount to cover losses, and that typically needs to be fought in court.

The bus accident attorney would first send a letter of representation to the company saying that you have a dispute that demands their attention. This letter is essentially a forewarning before a course of legal action is sought. It is also an indirect message that conveys that if the adequate amount is not sanctioned, they are ready to seek justice through litigation.

After a bus accident, the initial step would be to file a case in the court, submitting the documents to prove that you were injured. These would also convey that the other driver is responsible for the damages caused. In this, you also mention your demands regarding financial compensation.

Deadline for Pursuing a California Bus Accident Lawsuit

Time is an important factor when it comes to legal courses of action. This is made so by something called the statute of limitations. In most cases, this time period is two years. Any cases filed beyond that period would be considered invalid. Moreover, if you have to file a lawsuit against a government entity, the period is reduced to six months. Hence, if there has been an accident involving public transportation, you have to watch this limit closely.

Recovery of Lost Wages in a California Bus Accident

In case you end up missing your work because of the injuries caused, you can claim compensation in your lawsuit. Most city bus accident settlements involve lost wages even if you are self-employed. California law entitles you to pursue financial recovery if you happened to lose income because of an accident injury.

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